Business History Month: Yard By Yard


Henry and Janice Keller had humble beginnings with their nursery business. In 1979, the Keller’s had a greenhouse in their backyard on Morris Dr. in Sulphur Springs, Texas and began to sell plants they had raised themselves. Ten years later, in 1989, the two had a full grown business and decided to move to a separate location. Henry Keller, a Vietnam War veteran and plant enthusiast, bought a house with an acre lot on Church St. He turned the house into a gift shop and office for the business and moved his greenhouse onto the land next to the building.

Now, twenty seven years later, the Keller’s have a thriving business and have expanded immensely. The two employ several people and their business is on about three and a half acres of land. Yard By Yard offers a large selection of flowers, shrubs, trees, and arrangements. Yard By Yard grows about 90% of their own color plants and have added a landscaping branch. The original building has recently been remolded with a more open concept and a rustic decor feel. In their gift shop, they offer fresh flower arrangements, pottery, crosses, yard art, and wind chimes. The two have also incorporated their hobbies into their business and sell fresh eggs from their free range chickens.

Author: Staff Reporter

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