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Sulphur Springs Middle School District 15 5-A UIL Meet Results


On Februrary 6th, 2016, the Sulphur Springs Middle School UIL students competed at the District 15-5A Academic Meet.

For 6th grade, in the Art category, Bailee Burnett placed first, Shelby Ray placed fourth and the third place team consisted of Bailee Burnett, Shelby Ray, Allie Grace Woodard, and Anna Adair. In Calculator Applications, Peyton Hammack placed fifth individually, and Peyton Hammack, Micah Flemens and Mary Cruz placed third as a team. In Dictionary Skills, Jasmine Cordova placed third, Cason Foster placed fourth, and Kennedy Goldsmith placed fifth. As a team, Jasmine Cordova, Cason Foster, and Kennedy Goldsmith placed first. In Inpromptu Speaking, Tori Mejie placed first, Addison Caddell placed second, and Connor Bailey placed third. Tori Mejie, Addison Caddell and Connor Bailey placed first as a team. In Listening, Sam Wilks placed second individually, and Sam Wilks, Clayton Boykin and Cannon Graves placed second as a team. In Mathematics, Joel Villarino placed third, and Matthew Sherman placed fourth. Joel Villarino, Matthew Sherman and Addison Lamb placed second as a team. In Music Memory, Litzy Chacon placed first and Savannah Lilley placed sixth. Savannah Lilley, Litzy Chacon, Ashlyn Bettis, and Jessica Yanez placed third as a team. In Prose Oral Reading Emily Atkinson placed first, Cable Glenn placed third, and Paige Bimmerle placed fourth. Emily Atkinson, Cable Glenn and Paige Bimmerle placed first as a team. In Ready Writing, Harley Speed placed second, Paige Bimmerle placed third and Matthew Sherman placed fourth. As a team, Harley Speed, Paige Bimmerle and Matthew Sherman placed first. In Social Studies, Jose Mejia placed fourth. Jose Mejia, Claire Bybee, and Justin Haire placed third as a team. In Spelling, Dawson Carpenter placed third. Dawson Carpenter, Reese Rabe, and Chad Maynard placed third as a team. Overall the sixth grade team took third place sweepstakes for District 15-5A.

For 7th grade, in the Art category, Wiley Bennett placed second and Kimberley Wheatcraft placed fifth. Wiley Bennett, Kimberley Wheatcraft, and Jackie Olivio placed second as a team. In Caculator, Justin Brantley placed fifth. Justin Brantley, Jhanvi Parmar, and Hayden Hurst placed third as a team. In Dictionary Skills, Mady Posey placed first, Trinity Sherman placed fifth, and Miriam Tran placed sixth. Mady Posey, Trinity Sherman, and Miriam Tran placed first as a team. In Impromptu Speaking, Hannah Shultz placed first, Raydon McCormack placed second, and La’Modrick Johnson placed fifth. In Listening Skills, Cheyenne Fouse placed first and Paige Daniel placed fourth. Cheyenne Fouse, Paige Daniel, and Quincy Chisolm placed first as a team. In Modern Oratory, Brianna Boykin placed sixth. In Music Memory, David Moreno placed first and Gregg English placed fourth. In Poetry Oral Reading, Evie Cox placed second, and Zach Goodson placed fourth. As a team, Zach Goodson, Evie Cox, and Maurie Flecker placed second. In Prose Oral Reading, Rorie Young placed second and Harleigh Stegient placed sixth. Rorie Young, Harleigh Stegient, and Nathan Eastmond placed second as a team. Kayetlynn Ricks placed fifth in Ready Writing. In Social Studies, Tristan Stewart placed fifth. As a team, Tristan Stewart, Sadie Washburn, and Patrick Synott Owens placed third. In Chess, Dillan Blevins, Robert Dyer, and Lige Leavins placed second.

For 8th grade, in Art, Kennedy Lee placed fifth. Kennedy Lee, Ashlyn Bimmerle, Violet Altenbaumer, Reagan Kesting and Aaron Lucas placed third as a team. In Listening Skills, Meredith Hooten placed first, Alivia Walker placed third, and Giselle Garcia placed fifth. Meredith Hooten, Alivia Walker, and Giselle Garcia placed first as a team. In Maps, Graphs, and Charts, Michael Jefferson placed sixth. In Music Memory, Lainee Ashford placed first and Hope Williams placed fourth. Lainee Ashford, Hope Williams, Korlin McDowell, and Hayden Booth placed second as a team. In Poetry Oral Reading, Ally Owens placed first and Chase Berry placed first. Ally Owens, Chase Berry, and Trevon Pryor placed first as a team. In Prose Oral Reading, Monica Mejia placed first, Caroline Goggans placed third, and Rachel Bramlett placed fifth. Monica Mejia, Caroline Goggans, and Rachel Bramlett placed first as a team. In Chess, Logan Brown, Tyler Schmitt, and Milique Zirretta placed third as a team.

Author: Staff Reporter

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