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She’s Such a Darlin by Michael Jefferson

Michael Jefferson is a student at SSISD Middle School. KSST supports the efforts of all students interested in journalism, and is proud to publish their efforts.



Mrs. Darlin

I know you guys have seen Mrs. Darlin around school helping with all of the technology problems. She is also the cheerleader coach for the 7th graders, but now she has a bigger role. She is in charge of all the new tablets we just got here at the middle school and she has to fix the tablets when people have problems with them. She also has a new office that is down the hall by the library across from the office.

Every 7th and 8th grade student has a specific tablet assigned to them. When a student brings their insurance money, she gets their table and takes it to them. Once she checks and makes sure that they can log on to the device without a problem, she gives them their charger and make them initial by their name on a sheet of paper.

If students have a problem with their tablet she trouble shoots and begins on trying to fix the problem. If she is having difficulties and can’t find or fix the problem the student is assigned a rental tablet and their original tablet gets sent off to be fixed.

So if you ever having problems with your tablet, go and see Mrs. Darlin and she is sure to solve and fix the problems you have.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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