Micah “The Warrior” Reed’s Party by DeQuarian Wilkerson

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DeQuarian Wilkerson is a student at SSISD Middle School. KSST supports the efforts of all students interested in journalism, and is proud to publish their efforts.

In Memory of Micah Reed, #MICAHSTRONG

On December 5th, 2015 Micah’s 13th birthday was held.   It was at the ROC from 2pm to 4pm.  Micah Reed will always be remembered here at Sulphur Springs Middle School. If you don’t know who Micah is he was a boy at our school Sulphur Springs Middle School who died of cancer at the age of 12.  He loved sports, he was a great “Warrior “and a great person.  I bet Micah was very happy with everyone that showed up to his birthday.

If you wanted a great time to spend with your friends and Micah’s family then you should have gone.  You were all invited!!!  They were asking you to bring unwrapped gifts, as a gift to the Children’s Medical Center’s Cancer & Blood Disorder Toy Closet in memory of Micah Reed.  He enjoyed getting a prize out of his closet and this was a great way to give back and honor him, and also give to the hospital.

They had a lot of gifts given from students and parents from the school.  Gift cards and monetary donations were also accepted.  Everyone had a very great time at Micah’s party.  At his party you were able to play basketball, football, jump in the bounce house, play pool, table tennis, and etc.  .  They also had a room to talk, eat pizza, and have refreshments.  You also could listen to some of Micah’s favorite songs that he listened to all the time.

The theme of the party was some of his favorite sports teams like the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Socks.  There was over 300 total people at his party and around 400 gifts, and everyone had a wonderful time.  People who were at his party all received a bracelet and it said “In Memory of Micah Reed, #MICAHSTRONG”.  There was also a huge cake with a huge picture of Micah on the side and they had his favorite kind chocolate.  Dillon Odom said “It was fun and a wonderful time to spend with his friends and celebrate Micah’s birthday,” Kohlson, Micah’s cousin, said “He had a very great time and that he is hoping to do it again next year”.  

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