Local Voters Question Aggressive Electioneering Near Early Voting Poll

Stock Photo; Names changed to protect candidates

Stock Photo; Names changed to protect candidates

Political aggressiveness that has been unknown to Hopkins County has finally arrived from the big city and areas of the nation where last minute effort outweighs common courtesy. According to Debbie Shirley, Hopkins County Clerk, and county Republican Party leadership, voters are complaining about candidates and/or their representatives standing outside the non-electioneering boundaries. According to law, those seeking a political office and those who represent them are not allowed within a 100 feet boundary around the polling place. According to Shirley, no one is electioneering inside the polling boundaries. However, there are those who are electioneering outside the boundary.

Shirley said that some signs were posted today but that the signs are on school property and it is the jurisdiction of SSISD that would decide the fate of the signs. Shirley said she has been told the signs were removed after she contacted the school regarding their rights. Candidates may also stand on the sidewalk if the property owner does not allow them on the property for their electioneering activity.

Early voters going to the SSISD Administration Board Room on Connally Street will simply have to prepare themselves for a greeting from candidates. Voters have the right to not take literature, speak a kind word whether it’s your candidate or not, or simply ignore the candidate or their representative.

Author: Staff Reporter

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