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Is time flying by fast for anyone else besides me?  Cannot believe that we are in February 2016 already.  The weather has been spectacular.  The cool is needed to kill off all of the bugs.  Thank goodness not too cool though.

Gardening time is upon us.  Everyone we meet is asking how the garden is coming along.  Someone we met last week already had blooms on their Brussels sprouts.  Tom bedded the garden and has started the process. He planted greens, onions, and,  He is thinking of getting the potatoes in the ground just wondering when the rain will come.  They will need some rain before too much longer.  It is getting dry again.

We were visiting the Brashear Library and found a box of new books.  We want to thank the person who donated these books.  Also to thank everyone else who is sharing books with all of us in Brashear.  The selection is very eclectic.  Check it out.

The Brashear Store is busy.  Decided to lunch there this week, and had to wait in line.  Lot of people had the same idea we had.  The hamburgers were delicious and Taco Soup was the dish of the day.  It was just right for a cool day.

If you know of anyone who would like to purchase a church pew, the Brashear Community Center has a few for sale.  Contact Red George for more information.  You can usually find him at the store from 8:00 until 9:00 in the morning.

Has anyone else noticed the large number of buzzards in the air lately?  We have seen several in the air.  Just wondering if they have increased in number around here or what.

Just winding down, for everyone has been remiss in getting their news to me lately, so not much to report.  So remember to call me at 903.612.8806; or email me at [email protected]; or drop by and swing a while with us.  We have a large selection of swings to sit and watch the world go by.  Love to hear from each and every one of you.  Take care.




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