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Workforce Draws Specific Industries

Rain has delayed the building of the parking lot at Diversified Storage System, a company locating to Sulphur Springs. Diversified Storage Systems, located at 46 Pioneer Parkway, will build process systems for handling powder such as cement. The company will employ fabrication welders, engineers and others, according to Roger Feagley, Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation. KSST News sat down with Feagley Thursday morning to discuss prospective businesses and the development of the local workforce.

Feagley pointed out that industry no longer concerns itself with land but is vitally interested in the skill sets of the workforce available and proximity to current and potential customers. He points out that biomedical and computer chip companies desire to be located near research centers, specifically universities that are involved in research. Feagley said he seeks those industries that the local workforce can be succeed. He stated that fabrication, food, and plastic industries are attracted to this area. Regarding the food industry, Feagley said the fluxuation of the economy has little affect. He noted that the food industry is constant.

PJC-Sulphur Springs Campus is developing several programs that will enable a more skilled technical workforce.

Author: Staff Reporter

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