“Update” FAA and NTSB Officials Investigating Crash Scene

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planecrashbetterTuesday, January 5, shortly before 1 p.m., a Cessna fixed wing single-engine plane owned by Airflyers of America of California, Inc., located in Addison, Texas, crashed on approach from the north planning to land at the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport. Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport officials told us that Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board officials will be on sight investigating the crash scene today. Preliminary findings will be released within a month and a final investigation report will follow the preliminary findings.

A call to Airflyers of America by KSST resulted in no information. KSST was told, “We have no information on [the crash] and there is no one here who can give any information on it.”

The plane that crashed is featured on the company website. The company is a pilot training school and the plane’s pilot was still in training. The pilot walked away from the crash with no serious injuries. There were no other passengers on board.

KSST News noted that the plane veered off the runway to the left and once hitting the ditch, the plane flipped and landing upside down in the ditch between the two runways. Landing tire marks were visible on the runway. There was also visible damage to the landing gear.

Jordan Owens filed a report for KSST/Channel 18.

Author: Staff Reporter

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