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Texas Marriage Education by Johanna Hicks

Saying “I Do” in 2016?  Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

One of my absolute favorite classes to teach is the Twogether in Texas Marriage Education workshop.  The information is so practical, and opportunities for group and couple interaction add to the fun and comradery. The state of Texas recognizes marriage education as a crucial element in the success of the marriage relationship and waives the state portion of the marriage license fee for couples who provide proof that they attended a workshop.  This is where I can help!

Each year, I provide Twogether in Texas marriage education workshops and the first one for 2016 is rapidly approaching.  Here are the details:

  • When:  Saturday, January 23
  • Time:  8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Where:  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office, 1200 W. Houston, Sulphur Springs
  • Cost:  free
  • Call: 903-885-3443 to sign up

The topics covered are very practical and relate to issues faced in every marriage relationship.  1)  Marriage Expectations – what expectations does each person, whether spoken or unspoken, bring into the relationship?  How will chores be divided?;  2) Communication – Who is the expander and who is the contractor when it comes to communication?  What do the words “fine” and “nothing” mean to you?;  3) Conflict Resolution – Learn the steps to resolve conflict and how each person can contribute;  4) Money Management – practice team work with your “bean budget”, learn what money means to your partner;  5) Goals and Dreams – What do you want your marriage to look like 5, 10, 20 years down the road?  Hear from couples who have stayed on course and learned the importance of “until death do us part.”

One of the major benefits of participating in the workshop (other than the excellent information) is that engaged couples will receive a certificate to take to the County Clerk’s office to save $60 when applying for a marriage license.  The certificate is good for one year, so even couples who are planning a fall or early winter wedding may still take advantage of the savings if attending the January workshop.

Lunch, refreshments, and a special surprise will be provided, thanks to local supporters who believe in the importance and purpose of this workshop.  All I ask is that couples contact the Extension Office by calling 903-885-3443 so that we may adequately prepare. Leave your name and phone number.  We will call a couple of days in advance to remind you of the workshop.  If the January workshop doesn’t fit your schedule, other sessions will be held on May 21 or August 20.


Growing a Healthy Texas

I recently had the privilege of attending the state-wide Extension conference in College Station.  Roberta Anding led the session “Why is Nutrition So Important and What Can We Do?”  Her sessions focused on a nation-wide trend that is a growing concern.  She stated that children and teens who eat away from home consume 160 and 297 extra calories, respectively.  Sodium intake increases by 396 mg, and soda and sweet drink intake is significantly higher when eating out.

She indicated that poor eating habits include high consumption of junk foods, lack of variety, consuming larger portion, and depending on convenience foods.  Related health concerns include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and changing the gut microbiome (70% of immune cells are in the gut).  More and more children, even as young as pre-schoolers, are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which is typically thought of as adult-onset diabetes.  Nutrients of concern are vitamin D, calcium, protein, and iron.

So what can parents and grandparents do?  Provide healthier food choices – milk, leafy green vegetables, fruits, and lean protein.  Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store – fresh produce, dairy products, lean meats, and limit pre-packaged and processed food choices.


Closing Thought

“Be a river of blessing – not a stagnant lake” – Vicki Hitzges, author and motivational speaker



Johanna Hicks Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Family & Consumer Sciences 1200-B W. Houston P.O.Box 518 Sulphur springs, TX 75483 903-885-3443 – phone 903-439-4909 – Fax

Johanna Hicks
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Family & Consumer Sciences
1200-B W. Houston
P.O.Box 518
Sulphur springs, TX 75483
903-885-3443 – phone
903-439-4909 – Fax
[email protected]

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