Starbucks Signage Variance Approved By ZBA

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Sulphur Springs Zoning Board of Adjustments approved a sign ordiance variance for property located at 1320 South Boardway. The approval opens the door for further steps to be taken to build a Starbucks, purveyor of coffee, in the city. The property owners at 1320 South Broadway sought the variance to the city sign ordinance. They are wanting a sign 85 ft high. The city sign ordinance allows signs to be only 24 feet high. City staff favored the variance. No property owners around the property opposed the variance.  The approval is contingent on the lot being plotted and building permit for Starbucks issued.

The sign will be the same height as or shorter than IHOP and Taco Bell signs. Those seeking the variance had flown a balloon to the height of 85 feet and it could be seen from the Interstate Highway but at 70 feet it could not be seen prior to the exit from I-30 at Broadway. The height of the sign will not affect the billboard that is currently near the proposed location for the Starbucks sign.

Kyle Robinson, a member of the board, and board chair Matthew Johnson questioned the need for a sign at that height. Carrie Nuckolls stated that the balloon test enabled her to understand the necessity of the height. Joel Sheffield said that highway signage that advertised establishments would draw his attention more than a sign at the recommended site. All board members and alternates were present for the vote.

Kevin Mohl was sworn in as a member and Brad Burgin and Ben Spraggins were sworn in as alternate members. Nuckolls was elected as vice-chairperson for the board.

Author: Staff Reporter

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