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SSHS BPA Qualifies 13 for State Competition

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The Sulphur Springs High School Business Professionals of America students attended a Regional Leadership Conference at Plano High School on January 16, 2016. Thirteen (13) students qualified for state, and seven (7) students and three (3) teams will be state alternates.

State Qualifiers

Sean Allemang placed first in Java Programing.
Mario Basio placed third in C++ Programming.
Lydia Burleson placed first in Advanced Word Processing.
Timothy Charlton placed first in PC Service & Troubleshooting.
Natalie Cruz placed second in both Human Resource Management and Economic Research Team with Sam Robinson.
Lilibeth Gallegos placed third in Database Applications.
Sofia Guerrero placed first in Legal Office Procedures.
Emily Johnson placed first in Administrative Support Research.
Dylan Joiner placed second in both Economic Research Individual and Presentation Management Team with Anne-Marie Winborn.
Carson McIllwain placed fourth in PC Service & Troubleshooting.
Sam Robinson placed second in Economic Research Team with Natalie Cruz.
Austin Reyes placed second in Advanced Accounting.
Anne-Marie Winborn placed second in Presentation Management Team with Dylan Joiner.

State Alternatives

Cindy Arellano placed fifth in Advanced Interview Skills.
Chase Crouch placed third in Presentation Management Individual.
Elijah Drum placed third in Graphic Design Promotion.
Mandy Eckhardt placed third in Economic Research Individual.
Juan Gudino placed third in Interview Skills.
Jaspyn Johnson placed third in Advanced Interview Skills.
Rodolfo Perez placed sixth in Banking & Finance.

State Alternate Teams

The Network Design Team will be an alternate with team members Sean Allemang, Maurio Basio, Timothy Charlton, and Austin Reyes.
The Presentation Team will be an alternate with team members Mandy Eckhardt, Emily Johnson, and Rodolfo Perez.
The Presentation Management Team will be an alternate with team members Felipe Alba and Dakota Soles.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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