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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s. We had Christmas on my dad’s side of the family the Sunday before Christmas at my Aunt Betty’s house. We had several there but it seems that there is always a few that can’t be there. Christmas Eve I went over to my Uncle Johnny’s house for supper and to see my cousins, Hunter and his wife Tiffney, that were home on leave from the Marines. He said with no setbacks he should be able to return home for good around the end of April. It was also good to see my cousins, Justin and Jeremy Darrow, that night. I rarely get to see them. Justin lives in Sulphur Springs and Jeremy in Cooper.

New Year’s night I went to see Hunter and Tiffney another time, in Greenville with our cousin, Nathan Petty. We cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs. It was nice to wake up Friday morning on New Year’s Day and realize I didn’t have to go in to work. We had a long weekend – three days off. Of course we made up for it on Monday but that time off was nice while it lasted.

If you have driven through the middle of the community on FM 275 I’m sure you have noticed that one of Miller Grove School’s portable buildings has been moved. As I was coming home from work Thursday afternoon (Dec. 31) I thought I would run up to the school to see if the Northcutt’s from Point had been able to move the building that day. To my surprise I drove up in the middle of it going down the road. A small crowd was gathered to watch and several cars had to be detoured to take the loop that goes around from the front of Belle Renshaw’s old beauty shop and comes out in front of Stacey’s Fish Fry. It only took a little while and they had the building situated in front of the old gym ready to make it’s temporary home for the next few months. This is the first phase of the construction on the new elementary addition. Soon the other portable building will be moved and the contractors can start work on construction.

Speaking of construction, I heard from Gail Garmon the other day and she gave me a report about the new church that they are building at County Line. She said that the inside walls have been painted and all of the doors have been installed. The light fixtures should arrive this month and completion is on the horizon.

She also reported that the County Line New Year’s Stew and Singing brought out a crowd of about 75 people and was held in the Family Life Center. Attendance may have been a little larger this year since the weather was nice on New Year’s Day.

Since I haven’t written an article in the last couple of weeks I know I have missed many birthdays but here are the Happy Birthday wishes for this week and the coming week: Madison Darrow & Kelsey Steele on Jan. 6; T.S. Lamb, Cletus Wise, Phyllis (Renshaw) Haywood & Chris Miller on Jan. 10; Vonda (McWilliams) Kerby on Jan. 11; Betty Wilcox, Katelyn McCreight & Ashley Purser on Jan. 12; Ashley (Blackstead) Oler, Chris Abbott, Miranda Frobish & Lane Lennon on Jan. 13; Mary Lou (Woods) Hoover & Linda (Lambert) Cope on Jan. 14; Michelle (Boykin) Roberts on Jan. 15; and Misty (Briggs) Smallwood & Shyan Harris on Jan. 16.

Happy 57th Anniversary to my uncle and aunt, James and Margaret (Millsap) Ragan, on Jan. 10.

As you travel the highways and byways don’t forget that all roads lead back home and back to Miller Grove. Please send me any newsworthy information. My email address is [email protected].

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