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Brashear News

Brashear News

A New Year has begun!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Holiday and New Year’s Celebration.  We had a great time with family and enjoyed a quiet New Year’s.  I hate to admit it but we did not make it to see the big ball drop.  Should I just say, we are not nightowls.


We had another major rain event on the 26th and 27th.  I have never seen so much water in our pasture.  The water was over our driveway.  No damage thank goodness.  We want to pray for the people who lost so much during the tornadoes.  


I would like to let everyone know that we are starting up a new session of Divorce Care.  It will be held on Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm at the First United Methodist Church in the basement.  I would really like to encourage those who are hurting from separation or divorce to attend.  This program is to help you make it through this difficult time.  If you have any questions, call me at 903.612.8806.  Child care will be available.


To all of the people who live in Brashear, please let me know if you have anything you would like to share with the world.  I know everyone gets tired to just hearing about the Youngs.  Remember to call me at 903.612.8806; email me at [email protected]; or drop by CR 1119 and visit.  


Take care and please take the time to smile when you cross someone’s path.  You never know what a difference a simple smile can do for someone.  



Author: KSST Webmaster

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