Sheriff’s Department Seeks Funding for Blood Hounds

In hopes of getting some financial support from the Hopkins County Commissioners Court, Sheriff’s Department Corporal Walt Kimmel put on a demonstration of his bloodhounds Tuesday behind the Sedalco Construction Building on Houston Street across from the new jail. The dogs have already been out three times to aid Sheriff’s Office cases. Kimmel, the department’s dog handler for the bloodhounds, said the dogs are only used to trail individuals that are lost or an escapee.

Kimmel is in the process of receiving certified for the work. A jailer purchased the two dogs but did not have enough time to train them for the work.  Having the dogs locally will enable a quick response to the need for the dogs.

Kimmel said that a GPS system records the trail the dog followed and that information is admissible in court. Kimmel demonstrated the dogs to the commissioners Tuesday afternoon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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