Lighted Christmas Parade a True Area Favorite

20151204_191714 (1)Celebration Plaza was crowded with hundreds of people enjoying various activities including white tigers, snow slide, and a movie but when the Lion’s Club Lighted Christmas Parade started, everyone crowded the barriers to view the sights and hear the sounds of bands, shouts of Merry Christmas and personal greetings called out to friends and family. Members of the Lion’s Club and other sponsors can call the event a success.


20151204_190905The parade that began at Buford Park and ended at Prim Stadium parking lot included the Sulphur Springs High School and Como-Pickton High School Marching Band, 20151204_191852the SSHS Blue Blazes carrying powered candles, floats from the popular Rockerettes to political candidates to local businesses and church groups.

When the parade ended, some left the downtown area but many remained to continue the evenings events and a second movie. Others journeyed to Heritage Park for the annual Christmas in the Park which continues Saturday evening.

20151204_192002The event was videoed for replay on Channel 18 and will be a part of the annual Christmas playback of events and activities in the community and local schools. Segments of the parade will also be posted on soon.


Author: Staff Reporter

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