Harry Washington’s Love for Hopkins County Motivated His Candidacy for Sheriff

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HarryThe purpose of his campaign is found in the fundamentals of this county. Harry Washington, candidate for Hopkins County Sheriff, wants to be able to protect the citizens of Hopkins County and their property. He has roots in the county. Before announcing his candidacy, he sought his uncle’s blessing, which he did receive. He has discussed his desire to seek the office with Sheriff Butch Adams had waited until Sheriff Adams’ announced his retirement before seeking the office. 

He believes that he can work effectively with the other Hopkins County officials as a team player, as well as being able to work hand in hand with the county judge, commissioner’s court, and other law enforcement officials. He believes that they can work together in unity and be effective in protecting Hopkins County.

With leadership as a priority, he will bring together a leadership team. In the county that he currently works, Hunt County, he is a member of the leadership team that meets twice a month with law enforcement officers from the top to patrol deputies. He said the leadership team seeks to find what makes law enforcement work. It helps enlighten them to they need to be doing for law enforcement purposes to better serve the people of the county. He stated the team approach works well in developing a better plan for enforcing the law. 

He will support citizens on patrol – citizens and deputies working together. As a narcotics officer, he knows the tactics that can be utilized as citizens of the county become the eyes and the ears of the sheriff’s department. Citizen calling the sheriff’s office to report strange behavior or strangers in the neighborhood facilitate officers in making arrests. While working narcotics, he used to receive calls of suspicious individuals that might be involved in drug related activities. He is happy knowing that there are citizens that are watching. He believes that it is everyone’s responsibility, not just law enforcement, to keep the county safe and healthy. As an undercover officer he has purchased drugs, based on community members taking note of behavior, from places such as Church’s Chicken, on church parking lots, and in front of police departments. This is why he encourages citizen involvement to report such activities. He believes such cooperative work can deter crime efficiently.

His faith plays a major role in his duty as a law enforcement officer. God plays an important role in his life, as does the church. He views himself as a sinner saved by grace. In his daily role as an intervention officer, he feels blessed. 

The interdiction program of which he is a member has seen great results. Through good law enforcement leading to the seizure of drug-money, the department in which he works has been able to give back to the community with the purchase of new patrol cars and equipment for fellow deputies without using tax revenue. He sees this happening in Hopkins County as well. 

When it comes to dealing with budget of the Sheriff’s office, he feels confident in the work and sees the development of the budget as a team effort. By working with the judges and commissioners, he said they can find the places in the department that need work and make them stronger.

Mr. Washington has dreamed of running for sheriff of Hopkins County and has had other law enforcement officers encourage him to run for the position. He believes that he will make a good sheriff and wants to bolster the morale of the deputies and encourage good character so they can shine in the county.

Although Harry’s twin brother, Barry, is also a candidate for the office, Harry said that has nothing to do with his candidacy. In both instances, Harry had announced and later filed for the office prior to his brother. Mr. Washington said he was  not pleased with a regional media outlet’s recent interview that seemed to pit the brothers against one another. He said this is not about anything but his desire to be Sheriff in Hopkins County.  

Author: Staff Reporter

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