Arturo’s Wood Oven Pizza will Finally Have a Roof Over its Head

After beginning in May, construction of Arthur and Tina Kunzman’s pizzeria is finally nearing the end. The new McLeroy Building, owned by city attorney Jim McLeroy, on Main Street is almost completed. Arturo’s Wood Oven Pizza on the ground floor will be leased with apartments and a rooftop deck above. The interior of the new restaurant has already been planned out.

“There will be seating on the right side,” Arthur Kunzman said. “There will also be a bar where you can sit and watch the ovens themselves. The kitchen will be behind the ovens. In the front, we’ll fit as many tables as we can and on the left side will be the gallery where there will be items for sale.”

While construction was underway, Arturo’s has operated out of a pitched tent that could be found on or near Main ST. The small tent sold primarily pizzas and saw a consistent amount of customers with fluctuations depending on weather. The new menu will have a larger variety of meals to order.

“We’ll have pizza, pasta, sandwiches, calzones, salad, soup, desserts and some surprises,” Kunzman said. “Overall most of the people like what they’ve tried.”

Arturo’s will have an Italian theme with a surprise secret which will set it apart from other establishments in the Celebration District. Arturo’s will be hiring staff once the restaurant opens.

“As soon as we’re operational we’re going to  have to cure the oven for seven days and in that time we’re going to form a list of people we need and have applications filled,” Kunzman said. “We have tons of people that already want to work for us, but we’re going to be selective about who we let in.”

Arturo’s hopes to open before Christmas if possible. No precise date has been determined yet.


Author: Staff Reporter

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