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Animals of the Week: Lucy and Ethel

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Lucy and Ethel are two black female kittens that came from a litter of eight found on Weaver Drive in late October. Lucy and Ethel are the last two that have yet to be adopted. Both are solid black, except that one has a white locket and the other has white toes. Their names come from the original TV series “I Love Lucy.”

“They are very sweet kitties,” Animal Shelter Officer Barbi Blanch said. “They would make someone a good pet, and they’re the only animals left over from before Christmas.”

The Animal Shelter was able to adopt out or find rescue shelters for all, except Lucy and Ethel, from the animals the Shelter housed before Christmas. A small handful of animals have been taken into the Shelter since Christmas and will be available for adoption this weekend.

“[Lucy and Ethel’s litter] were brought in as strays, so we held them for a bit and they’ve been up for adoption since just after Halloween,” Officer Blanch said. “One went the very next day, and the rest over a few weeks and a couple during Christmas. They all got adopted except for these two.”

The reason that Lucy and Ethel have not been adopted yet is partially due to their fur color. Solid colored animals are difficult to find homes for, and solid black animals have an even more difficult time getting adopted.

“They have that ‘black dog syndrome’ where they’re hard to place,” Office Blanch said. “They’re just as sweet as any other kitty.”

There will be no off-site adoption this weekend because there are very little animals for the Shelter to showcase.

Lucy and Ethel

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Author: Staff Reporter

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