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State Rep Flynn Files For Re-election

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Dan Flynn

Wednesday, November 18, 2015, State Representative Dan Flynn, R-Van, filed for re-election at the Republican Party of Texas Headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Representative Flynn, Chairman of the House Committee on Pensions, said: “It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as State Representative for House District 2, and today I am filing to run for re-election.”

Flynn went on to say, “I am pleased that in the last session we prioritized public education, and fought to protect innocent life and religious freedom. We addressed important water issues, and took steps to improve transportation while upholding our constitutional responsibility of maintaining a balanced budget. Our economy continues to be affected by the challenges in funding public education, the decline in oil and gas prices as well as the continued challenge of funding healthcare.”

“With the anticipation of a new administration in Washington, I feel we will finally have the opportunity to receive assistance in securing our Southern border and will truly be able to address illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. I will continue my efforts for Texas to recognize only American law on American soil,” said Rep. Flynn.

“There is still so much to be done, and I would ask for your support to represent the constituents of House District 2,  to continue fighting for your interests and for the good of all Texans.”

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Author: Staff Reporter

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