McDonald’s Receives New Sign

The McDonald’s chain restaurant off Interstate 30 on Shannon Road in Sulphur Springs has received a new sign after their previous sign was damaged two years ago. The construction job was done by Ark-La-Tex Superior Signs who began work on Monday November 2, 2015.

“We had some lighting issues that were happening in our roadsign, and we also had a storm that had blown off half of the arches, so we had it replaced,” General Manager Ayana Taylor said. “It’s been two years since that storm happened and we had to wait on parts and other things like that, which is why we have a brand new arch.”

The new sign is the most recent design for McDonald’s signs featuring a standard golden letter “M” with a red base and more bold colors. Unlike the previous sign, the new one will not feature the word “McDonald’s” as the sign is easily recognizable across the country.

“Hopefully it’ll be a whole lot brighter,” Taylor said.

McDonalds Sign


Author: Staff Reporter

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