EDC, Neon Cloud Productions Makes Drone Video of Sulphur Springs

“We wanted to, in a short period of time, show what it’s like to live, work, and have a business in Sulphur Springs Hopkins County,” Executive Director of EDC Roger Feagley said. This led the Sulphur Springs Hopkins County Economic Development Corporation to made an aerial video of Sulphur Springs using a drone. The drone was hired out from Neon Cloud Productions from the Dallas Metroplex area.

Feagley said the video “shows lots of the ammenities here in town; we show the downtown square, we show the parks, and we show those as a quality of life issue, but so that someone that’s wanting to put a business here can see what it’s like to live here.”

The video project began in the Spring, but was delayed roughly 60-90 days due to poor weather conditions. Despite this delay, the project was finished, and EDC plans to use drones for future projects.

“We’re going to be using it as a marketing tool to encourage companies to build new manufacturing warehousing and industrial buildings here,” Feagley said. “So that means that we’ll be embedding into emails and correspondance that we have when we send out materials in a written format that will have the link to our website that will encourage people to watch the video.”

The Neon Cloud Productions operater that controlled the drone was assisted by Director of Business Retention and Workforce Glenda Bassham. Bassham showed Neon Cloud where filming would take place as well as helping in the editing and animation of the video. The drone video will be showed on Channel 18.

Author: Staff Reporter

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