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County Applies to Make Voting Process Permanent


The Hopkins County Commissioners Court held a public hearing Monday morning on use of countywide precincts during the November 3 Constitutional Amendments Election. The court also gave County Clerk Debbie Shirley the okay to ask the Secretary of State’s Office to make the system permanent. Monday after the court meeting, Ms. Shirley¬†said the vote centers that reduced the number of polling places from 21 to 14 providing voters the option to vote at a place nearby was successful. Communications from the rural schools used as polling places were pleased with the process.

Ms. Shirley will now submit information regarding the trial option seeking permanence. Paper ballots will be no longer used in the new system. Those 65 and over who vote by mail can receive a paper ballot. The electronic voting machines performed well and workers at the various sites thought all worked well.



Author: Staff Reporter

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