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CHRISTUS Affirms Commitment to Partner With Memorial Hospital

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hospitalA meeting with CHRISTUS Heath, at their request, on Thursday November 5th assured Memorial Hospital CEO Michael McAndrew and Joe Bob Burgin, a member of the local hospital district board, that CHRISTUS is still very committed to developing a partnership with the local district. The discussion also focused on some of the issues that have slowed the pace of progress for the partnership.

Lawyers on both sides are actively working on these issues “…and we think all are solvable…” stated McAndrew. He said the discussion also involved the benefits of the partnership in terms of additional resources and improved operating performance.

CHRISTUS CEO Ernie Sadu and Senior Vice President Jeff Puckett demonstrated an understanding of the issues HCMH faces with CMS. McAndrew said that CHRISTUS intends to contact CMS to see if they can intervene in some way and eliminate the need for a SIA.

McAndrew said the meeting renewed local leadership’s belief that “…we chose the right partner.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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