Chief Investigator Tatum Warns County Residents Regarding Unique Phone Scam

lewistatum1There seems to be an abundance of scam phone calls taking place in Hopkins County as we approach the holidays. A new twist to the scam is that the callers are seeking legitimacy by saying they are affiliated with county government. Sheriff’s Chief Criminal Investigator Lewis Tatum said County Judge Robert Newsom has been receiving complaints from county citizens regarding phone calls in which the caller identifies themself as being with the county and the county is requesting a donation or is requiring a payment.┬áTatum urges local residents to hang up such calls.

Tatum said that if your Caller ID does identify the number of these scam call, notify the Sheriff’s office immediately so that they may trace the call. Tatum said the county will not call individuals seeking donations. He stated that Blue Santa, a Christmas gift for children program sponsored by local law enforcement, will seek donations soon but phone calls will not be placed to residents.


Author: Staff Reporter

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