Cash Taken From ATM in Birthright

sheriffLocal law enforcement is seeking citizen help regarding a break-in in Birthright. The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a case where an ATM was broken into with some cash taken. The incident occurred at a convenience store in Birthright either overnight Wednesday or early Thursday morning. Sheriff’s Chief Criminal Investigator Lewis Tatum gave KSST News an update on the investigation at a news conference Friday morning. 

Tatum said three suspects have been discovered as the local sheriff’s office has been investigating the break-in. The investigation shows that the break-in occurred around 1 a.m. Suspects were wearing masks and gloves. Lewis said that anyone knowing someone who has come up with a large amount of cash that previously did not have access to cash, or anything suspicious in nature, please notify the Sheriff’s Department.  Tatum said a large amount of cash was taken. He said the perpetrators broke into the side of the ATM and took the cash box. 



Author: Staff Reporter

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