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    Bob Wills had a song called “Time Changes Everything.” Very popular in the Forties and Fifties and still nice to listen to now.  Now that I’m 69 and not going on as many adventures, I regret to say this will be the last of the “On The River” articles. Heck 1400 is a good round number and a good stopping place. If we travel and have somewhat of an adventure, and if the editors think it worthy of printing, I may submit another article or two. The first of these 1400 came out on May 26, 1988 and a few weeks later we traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway where I hiked on the Appalachian Trail. In this book you read of Perk, the first of our small traveling dogs. Over the years we had two more small dogs that made many a mile with us and provided amusement. The second was Snapper, a twenty five pound rat terrier, whose love for visiting our neighbors led to a run in with a car. The one that traveled the most with us we still have. Zack is going strong now at about nine years of age and helps keep armadillos out of Jean’s flower beds. To be fair I will mention the brave and loving hog dogs we have had over the years. Bubba, Roonie, Bull, Ann, Classie, Yeller, Purdy, Slobber, Garth, Buzz, and T Garth to mention a few.

    Thanks to all you readers that read the travel stories. I almost felt if you were riding along with us. From the lonely but beautiful Appalachian Trail to the scenic Highway 1 along the California coast. From three trips to Yellowstone to the valleys of California where we picked and ate the sweetest strawberries ever right out of the field. Two trips to the Grand Canyon and one to New York State with its gobs of wildlife beside the road.1300 of these tales are in book form and if you would like to buy any or all of them you could reach me at the email address at the end. My mailing address is 261 CR 1197   Cooper, Texas  75432.  If there is a request for the last one hundred, 1301-1400, I can easily have them also but in a book form. Thanks to Jean who many times had to come show me me how to do something on this goofy laptop. I think the Lord did good when he made us men some help mates.

    When the weather cools off a little I plan to make another float trip on Red River for at least one night. Maybe from Doddridge, Arkansas to Shreveport. As for now it is goodbye and I hope to see you “On The River” someday.

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Don Easley from Wolfe City and Eddie Trapp with a sixty pound flathead (ap) catfish caught on trotline Sunday at Cooper Lake. Perch were used for bait.

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