Terrific Tuesdays Makes Life Easier for Caregivers

A Walk to Remember coming up October 1 and the seven mini-walks leading up to it are all a part of a fundraiser for the Terrific Tuesdays program at First United Methodist Church, Sulphur Springs. Joyce McDonald, the Director of Terrific Tuesdays, explained how the program works as a guest on KSST’s Good Morning Show with Enola Gay Thursday morning. Terrific Tuesday provides a day of respite for caregivers who care for those with memory loss.

Games, activities, and various themes occupy the time of those suffering with memory loss. For those who day-in-and-day-out give care, the day provides personal time with no fear for the health and welfare of their loved one. The loved one is benefited by being in a group where it is Okay not to remember.

Author: Staff Reporter

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