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Miller Grove News by Brandon Darrow

News in the community is a little slow this week. But, sometimes that isn’t a bad thing. We all need to slow down from time to time.
I hope everyone had a nice, safe Labor Day holiday off of work. A cloud cover helped to lower the temperature a little that day and I was able to work outside in the afternoon. I know many people have noticed in the newspaper that there was a teacher unconscious in the Ag shop the other day. Our Ag teacher, Brandon McClure, bumped his head on a piece of tubing and was taken to the Emergency Room. Thankfully everything was okay and the doctor released him to go back to work.

Happy Birthday to on Stephanie Bland & Matthew Gifford on Sept. 7; Christi (Garmon) Cardwell, Julie (Clark) Houser, Clellan Johnson & Jackson Darrow on Sept. 8; Chance Lee on Sept. 9; Reece Evans, Alex Craze, & Sharon Weatherly Sept. 10; Krista (Moon) Block; and Vicki Lytle & Frank Weaver on Sept. 12.
Happy Belated 46th Anniversary to Tom and Evelyn (Akins) Wilson on Sept. 6.

Congratulations to Aaron Baylus and Alexsa Burkett who will be getting married Saturday, Sept. 12, at the Billboard House in Cumby.  Aaron was a graduate of MGHS, a great athlete, and is also a good friend of mine.
Take a brief moment today to remember the tragedy of 9-11. I vividly remember the day the twin towers fell and all of the uncertainty in our nation. In the days following I remember people being much kinder to each other and helpful and like we were united as one. What has happened since then? Today it seems as if everywhere you look one person is against the other for a multitude of reasons – only caring about themselves. It is a shame that such an Earth-shattering event had to take place to bring people in America together.

As you travel the highways and byways don’t forget that all roads lead back home and back to Miller Grove. Please send me any newsworthy information. My email address is [email protected].

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