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Mexican Rodeo!

Local businessman Oscar Aguilar keeps a lot of irons in the fire, and his love of rodeo is one of them!

A Mexican Rodeo event will be held this weekend in Sulphur Springs as a fundraiser for St. James Catholic Church. While not a full-scale Mexican-style rodeo with all the athletic events, this will be a start for Sulphur Springs entertainment and a launching pad for future shows. Plan to take a seat in the Hopkins County Civic Center arena enjoy the music and the Folkloric dances, horse-dancing demonstrations and trick roping displays. There will be authentic Mexican foods like tacos and tortas with brisket cooked on site, and handmade snow cones and frozen fruit treats that all ages will like. American-style bull riding starts at 3pm featuring local Mexican riders. The Mexican-style steer-tripping event (like bulldogging on foot) begins at 6pm.
Food and entertainment will go on into the evening. Admission at the gate is $10 person age 13 and up, and free for anyone age 12 and under. Food costs are $5 per plate and individual items at $1 each.
For details, contact Oscar Aguilar at 903-243-0446 or contact the Civic Center at 903-885-8071.
Oscar Aguilar announces fundraiser rodeo

Oscar Aguilar announces fundraiser rodeo

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