Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs

Work Continues on Local Properties




One of the best locations inside the city limits continues with their remodeling as other new building are going up in and around Sulphur Springs.  Work looks like it has slowed on the old KFC building on the Interstate, but after KSST News spoke with one of the owner’s, Michael Churchman, we find out that there is still much more work to come.  The owners are planning to continue to dress up the exterior of the building by having EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) installed.  EIFS is sort of a synthetic Stucco system.  Certainly the new owners have increased the viability of this building.  There are still no definite tenants in place once the building is finished, but many different types of businesses are interested.   Michael Churchman (903)348-8939 is fielding most of the calls from interested parties who may want to purchase or lease the building.

Author: Chad Young

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