Voluntary Exit Agreement Provides Positive Note in MVISD Superintendent’s Resignation

JKaufmanAlthough Superintendent John Kaufman’s resignation gives an August 31, 2015 date, under the terms of his resignation agreement with the Mount Vernon School District, he vacated his office returning “…all keys, credit cards, if any, and other property, if any, of the District in Kaufman’s possession as it relates…” to his employment there. He was also to have all personal effects and property removed from his office. The agreement stated there no claims of misconduct are made in the separation of employment.

Thursday night, July 30th, Mt Vernon Independent School District Board reached an agreement with John Kaufman by which he resigns as Superintendent of the District on August 31, 2015. The Board of Trustees expressed their sincere appreciation to Kaufman for his efforts while serving as superintendent and for the many achievements and accomplishments of the entire district team during his tenure.

According to the agreement reached between Kaufman and the school board, Kaufman is on a paid leave during the month of August. He will be paid through the month and receive a total settlement payment of $50,000 to be dispersed to a retirement plan according to a written notification to the district. Any amount not placed in a retirement account that is remaining from the $50,000 is to be paid on or before September 30, 2015 to Kaufman and a law firm in Grapevine, Texas. The agreement calls for Kaufman to be available “…for purposes of telephone consultation on any matter affecting or related to the District, at no additional expense to the District.” Should Kaufman become employed by another school district prior to August 31, the Salary Payment shall cease at the date Kaufman begins new employment under contract with another district.

Kaufman’s resignation letter, required by the Voluntary Exit Agreement and Release, was a simple two sentence statement addressed to Richard Carr, President of the MVISD Board of Trustees. “I hereby submit my resignation as Superintendent of the District effective 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2015. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this school and community for the last 5 and one half years.”

The agreement called for a “…positive letter of recommendation…” from the board. In the three paragraphs, seven sentence letter signed by all board members, Kaufman is noted as a “man of high character and integrity.” It is said he received satisfactory appraisals during his tenure and that he “has provided a safe environment for all children focusing on a learning environment.” The also noted that Kaufman, a 21 year veteran of education including five years as superintendent at MVISD, “demonstrates respect for diversity in students, staff and programs.”

The board will soon begin their search for an interim superintendent.

Author: Staff Reporter

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