PJC Dual Credit Options Increase for High School Students

An education bill passed during the last legislative session will give students in Paris Junior College’s service area more opportunities to complete their core curriculum and graduate with an associate’s degree from PJC as well as receive their high school diploma.

House Bill 18 and House Bill 505 lifted limits on the number of total dual credit hours in which a high school student can enroll.  Students may take a certain number of hours of dual credit at their high schools and they may also take online classes offered by PJC.

The State of Texas guarantees acceptance by a public four-year university of any complete General Education Core transferred from any other Texas public college.  Core curriculum is defined as “the curriculum in the liberal arts, humanities, sciences, and political, social and cultural history that all undergraduate students of a particular Texas institution of higher education are required to complete before receiving an associate or bachelor’s degree.”

Just as many students return home during the summers and take courses at Paris Junior College to transfer back to their university or college, they can also back transfer courses from the university to Paris Junior College in order to be awarded an associates degree.

“This gives many more opportunities to students to complete their core curriculum before leaving home,” said PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin. “It can be a huge savings to students and their families to get these courses, required across the state, out of the way so they can focus on their major classes at the university of their choice.”

Taking the first two years towards a bachelor degree at Paris Junior College can save the parent, on average, $15,000 per year in tuition and fees at any state-funded university and much more at private universities.

Author: Staff Reporter

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