Animal of the Week: Peanut

Peanut is a domestic shorthair, the typical ally cat. Peanut is considered a brown-ticked tabbie, meaning each strand of hair has more than once color. She was found three weeks ago after she was left behind by her owners who moved away.

“A neighbor discovered her after they had moved out,” Animal Shelter Officer Brandi Blanch said. “They didn’t take the cat, and the next day she had kittens. The neighbor kept them until the kittens were old enough, got a home for the kittens and brought [Peanut] to us.”

Peanut was spayed a week after arriving at the Animal Shelter. The adoption fee is still $85, however, now anyone interested will no longer have to worry about having her spayed. She was spayed when it looked as if she might be pregnant again.

“We don’t have but four cat cages, and we don’t have the room or the time to care for them while they raise their babies,” Officer Blanch said.

Peanut does not enjoy staying in a cage. She tried to escape the cage as she was put back in, and she repeatedly reached out toward Officer Blanch with her paws throught the cage door.

“I don’t think she’s used to being in a small spot,” Officer Blanch said. “But she doesn’t have a choice here. We do let them walk around while we’re cleaning, but even then, that room is small.”

Peanut adjusted to life in the Shelter fairly well except for the cage, according to Officer Blanch. She reacts well around other cats, and even dogs. She is completely domesticated. Based on behavior traits, Peanut appears to be both an indoor and outdoor cat.

Like dogs, cats also get dewormed and rabbie shots at the Shelter. peanut has been involved in the past two off-site events at Tractor Supply. She will be in another on August 29, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Author: Staff Reporter

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