Wanna Go Fast? You can for 5001ft

wgflogoThe Sulphur Springs Airport will be hosting the Texas 1/2 Mile Shootout.  This November 14th and 15th if you have $225, a helmet, a car (safety inspection required), and a need for speed… KSLR has your fix.

wannagofast.com coordinates events around the country.  Full details are on the website, including a refund policy that prospective participants should review. This event could sell out.

Growing up I never had a Muscle car a Hot Rod or anything anyone would consider fast.  But my friend did.  We wore out several 351 Windsor engines running around our hometown.  I don’t think we could have managed the entry fee for this event.  I did some research and the caliber of the cars entering the Shoot Out are a far cry from the Mustang we patched together back in the 80’s.

May be just the opportunity to settle a friendly dispute between to motorheads.  You could try out those new speed rated ‘Y’ tires, or that custom speedo that goes to 110 M.P.H.  New Dodge v.s Classic Challenger?  Ford v.s. Chevy?





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