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Update on Moms Runaway Turkey!

Here is an update on a previously published  Turkey Related post.

Last month Mom located the nest of one of our hen turkeys. She had laid a clutch of eggs out by the road. We brought her and her eggs up to the house for safety. At the time, we would never have expected the eggs to be fertile.

Yesterday, July 12 after coming home from a family reunion, we went in the house and relaxed for a bit. After a few hours we ventured outside to check on all the animals.  Once we got outside we noticed the other turkeys were gathered around the chicken kennel. We walked over to check on the runaway turkey, and there they were. When we looked over the side of the box, 5 baby turkeys were looking up at us! It was truly a miracle that she hatched some of her eggs. We took some photos, not disturbing her and her babies to much, then went back inside.Turkey babies

Moms face lit up with joy! She didn’t think that any of the eggs would hatch but some did and hopefully there is more to come!

Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern

Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern

Author: Staff Reporter

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