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SSISD Board Approves Track Resurface and Personnel Changes

ssisd headerSulphur Springs School board approved two items on the agenda of a special session conducted Thursday. Approved a proposal from Spectra for a flooring project at Douglas Intermediate School. The second item gave Carter Construction Company the bid to resurface the track at the high school. A track is to be resurfaced every six (6) years and the local track is now seven (7) years old.



Elizabeth  Nicole Johnson             Kindergarten Teacher                                    ECLC

Marisol Moreno                                Campus Secretary                                          SS Elementary

Keasa Bonds                                     PE Teacher/Coach                                         Middle School

Natosha Burns                                 Math Teacher                                                  Middle School

Brandi Caddell                                 Math Teacher                                                  Middle School

David Morris                                    Business Teacher/Coach                               High School


New Personnel

Meredith Dial                                    Title I Aide                                                     Travis

Jana Keith                                         SpEd Resource Teacher                               SS Elementary

Miranda Coleman                            Grade 5 Teacher                                             Douglas

Lindsay Goff                                     Grade 5 Bilingual Teacher                            Douglas

Bridget Albert                                   SpEd Aide                                                        Middle School

Clinton Blazier                                 SpEd Aide                                                        Middle School

Deanna Cousin                                 SpEd/Math/Co-Teach                                  Middle School

Dustin Clay Hansford                     Gifted & Talented Teacher                           Middle School

Nickie Pannell                                  PE Teacher/Coach                                         Middle School

Connie Ruiz                                      English Teacher                                              Middle School

Lani Williams                                    Grade 6 Math Teacher                                  Middle School

Rojelio Raymond Ayala                  Business Teacher/Coach                              High School

Sandra McAndrew                           Counselor                                                        High School

Krystal Davalos                                DAEP Math Teacher                                      Austin Acad. Center


Personnel Changes

New position/campus                                  Former position/campus

Tye Boatman                                    Transitional 1st/ECLC                                     Grade 1/Bowie

Toni Maddox                                     Grade 1/Travis                                                 Transitional 1st/ECLC

Leticia Moreno                                  Receptionist/SS Elementary                         Title I Aide/Travis

Damarcus Johnson                         PE Aide/Douglas                                               SpEd Aide/Middle School

Jennifer Virgel                                  SpEd & Co-Teach/High School                    SpEd

Author: Staff Reporter

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