Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs

Dive Team Dredge Lakes for Stolen Firearms

July 6 2019 – Local law enforcement officers were tipped off by an informant about two stolen firearms that had been thrown into two lakes in Sulphur Springs. One firearm, a 9mm, was thrown into Lake Sulphur Springs, while the other firearm, a 380 auto, was thrown into Peavine Pinion Pool. The two firearms are believed to have been stolen through car burglaries according to Chief Criminal Investigator Lewis Tatum.

Lake Sulphur Springs

Lake Sulphur Springs

The weapons have not been tied to any recorded crimes, leading investigators to believe that the thieves disposed of the weapons in order to avoid being caught with stolen firearms. The identities of the two thieves have not been confirmed.

two stolen firearms



Author: Staff Reporter

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