County Commissioners Begin County Budget Discussions Monday

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It is budget season for county government and Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom along with the County Auditor have been working since May in preparation for the week of July 13-17. Newsom and County Commissioners will meet in work sessions next week, beginning Monday afternoon, to finalize the budget for the coming year. He hopes to have a budget posted online for the public soon after the week of meetings.

Newsom said he is trying to provide a 3% cost of living raise. He said most of the departments are maintaining budget levels from this current year. Income numbers are still not in according to Newsom. He said the tax appraisal district is finalizing the tax dollars that will be available to the county.

He expects little change to come this next year as the number of voting places is decreased in the county. Purchase of new equipment to facilitate the process will affect the costs at the start. He expects savings to come in following years.

Author: Staff Reporter

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