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*Updated* Well Traveled Visitor Makes a Stop in Hopkins County

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"Keith Campbell' and story courtesy of Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314.

“Keith Campbell’ and story courtesy of Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314.

Kevin Campbell has been traveling the United States for over 5 years.  Mr. Campbell relies on the generosity of others to pay his way at each locale as he crisscrosses the continent. He is very personable.  Stories from all over Sulphur Springs have a similar format.  People meet Mr. Campbell, find that he is very likable, and usually end up giving him money or food.  He also states he was able to obtain odd jobs from local business.  For example washing windows or sweeping parking lots.

No one we interviewed felt uneasy with Mr Campbell.  We simply question his story and wonder if he is being completely truthful with the people he meets. View this article from the Mount Vernon-Lisbon The Sun by Jake Krob about Kevin Campbell visiting Iowa in the Summer of  2010. If you want a cool story and a 2 hour conversation with a man who appears to be making a career of  ‘Generosity Traveling’, look him up.  See if the conversation includes these common points: Lots of name dropping or local business, churches, and leaders.  He will praise your town, how nice the people are, how he would love to live here. There will be plenty of examples of how other have generously gave him money, with amounts included.  Eventually Mr. Campbell will begin  steering the conversation to how little money he has left.


KSST News continues to try to find more info on our visitor in Sulphur Springs.  Click the following link to read another story when Mr. Campbell was in Georgia last year.   Campbell in Kingsland, GA 


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