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“Updated” ACE Teacher Retiring After 31 Years

Johnny Wells and Enola Gay

Johnny Wells and Enola Gay

ACE teacher Johnny Wells is retiring after 31 years with Sulphur Springs ISD. While he’s reflecting on memories of scores of wonderful students he’s taught, he’s also moving toward a challenging new beginning for himself. Back in the 80’s when Johnny was considering a career change from the accounting world, he hoped  that his math background might transition into teaching math. But somehow that was not to be, for a door to a very specialized field was waiting for him for him to enter! And it did in 1984, when then-Superintendent Paul Glover hired him to teach a brand new program called ACE (Academically Challenging Experiences) for bright middle-schoolers. The curriculum would help the most intellectual to learn about themselves and how to channel exceptional thinking and problem-solving abilities in their path to adulthood. And Mr. Wells led them all using a joyful mixture of hard work and fun. Over the years, former students have sent pictures, letters and e-mails from their successes in education, career, family, community and life, and these have become treasures.

Looking back on his career, Mr. Wells says it’s fairly unusual for a teacher to spend 31 years on one campus teaching one subject, but he was blessed to do just what he most wanted to do. Now, headed ever-onward and upward, Mr. Wells has accepted the position of  Director of Education with Destination Imagination International. And don’t be surprised if you still see him at home in Sulphur Springs part of the time too!

View video interview here.

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