Trust Respect Understand Planned in Commerce

TRUST RESPECT UNDERSTAND  has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 27 at 10:45 a.m. at Commerce City Park, 1900 Park Street in Commerce. T–R–U is an event to bring together all people to celebrate community and support law enforcement to learn and trust one another. Pastor Lavelle Hendricks said the event was born after seeing the conflict in Ferguson, Baltimore, and New York City. Hendricks, who works with students at Texas A & M Commerce, says he and others think something should be done to show the unity of community and law enforcement.

Hendricks told KSST News “Just because you have one bad apple not all are bad. He said that just because there are a few law enforcement officers doing a bad job, it doesn’t mean all are doing a bad job. He  also wants those in law enforecement to know that not all in the community are bad apples either. He said we all have to learn to respect one another.

The program will feature Noah Nelson, Director of Media Relations at Texas A & M Commerce; Sue Davis, Commerce councilwoman;  Jeff Johnson, Pastor First Baptist Church Commerce; Della Cleveland singing God Bless America; and speakers Harry Turner; Dr. Dan Jones, President A & M Commerce; Richard Hill, Homeland Security; Bob Johnson, Etta Herring, Donna Spinato, Hunt County Judge John Horn; State Representative Dan Flynn; and others.


Author: Staff Reporter

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