Queen’s Coronation Pageant Coming Up Saturday June 20th


Lynda Hager and Enola Gay

Enola Gay chatted with Lynda Hager about Dairy Festivals past and present on Monday’s Good Morning Show. Lynda is a 50-year Dairy Festival Board member and has helped in just about every aspect and feature over the years. Her special love is the Pageant, the talent presentations and the contestants themselves. Lynda was Hopkins County dairy royalty before there was a Dairy Festival Queen. As a SSHS sophomore, she was honored to represent Hopkins County in the huge Dairy Sale in Sulphur Springs as that year’s select Dairyman’s Daughter.┬áLynda says enjoy meeting each young lady as the 2015 court is presented at the Queen’s Coronation Pageant on Saturday June 20 at 6pm in the Hopkins County Civic Center auditorium. Advance tickets are $7 from contestants, and $10 at the door.

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