New High School Principal Named; Other SSISD Staff Changes

In a special meeting at noon Monday, the Sulphur Springs School Board once again deferred any action on contract bids from their Construction Manager on the Civic Center Auditorium renovation project. The board also postponed action during their regular board meeting two weeks ago. The board is now somewhat under the gun if they wish to begin the renovation work on schedule. Plans called for work to begin next Monday. Asbestos abatement at the auditorium is going on as scheduled this week. Superintendent Michael Lamb hopes the board can have another meeting on the matter very soon.

Derek Driver

Derek Driver

In other business, the board approved the hiring of Derek Driver as the new High School Principal. Driver comes to Sulphur Springs from Itasca High School where he was principal. He has also been principal at two other high school’s according to Lamb. Driver is scheduled to start at Sulphur Springs High School on July 1.

Lamb said the biggest hole to fill on the district staff for the start of school is a High School counselor. Among resignations approved by the board Monday was one for High School counselor Carol Cowley. Her husband was named superintendent of a district south of Sulphur Springs recently.




Alejandra Lira                            SpEd Aide                                            ECLC

Amanda Scott                           PE Teacher                                           Douglas

Carol Cowley                             Counselor                                             High School

Bonnie Grafton                         Math Teacher                                      High School

Kayla Phillips                            Math Teacher                                       High School


New Personnel

Derek Driver                              Principal                                               High School

Kristen Downs                           Head Start 4 Teacher                        ECLC

Lucia Hickman                           SpEd Aide                                           ECLC

Amber Harmon                          Music Teacher                                    ECLC

Tabatha Ibarra                           Head Start 4 Bilingual Teacher       ECLC

Amanda Nabors                         Head Start Teacher                            ECLC

Tiffany Contreras                       SpEd Aide                                            Travis

Jennifer Short                             P.E. Teacher                                        Travis/Lamar

Ashley Norwood                        SpEd Teacher                                       SS Elementary

Colby Smith                                Grade 3                                                  SS Elementary

Kathy Froneberger                     Nurse                                                    High School

Atlanta Knox                                Science Teacher                                 High School

Patti Laeding                              English Teacher                                    High School

Demetra Robinson                    CTE Law Teacher                                 High School

David Stribling                           Math Teacher                                        High School


Personnel Changes

New position/campus                           Former position/campus

Andi Hinton                               Ed. Diag/Dist-Wide                               Grade 1/Travis



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