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*Updated* How to Remove a Crop Duster From a Fuel Truck

The electrical power has been restored to the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport and the staff is resuming regular duties.  It will be a few weeks before the roof damage is fixed as the cupola was completely destroyed during the Memorial Day storm.  The airport staff has worked out a “semi-permanent” solution to get them up and running until contractor schedules and weather schedules will align for a final fix.

George’s Aircraft from Vernon Texas was on hand at the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport this afternoon to extract the crop dusters from on top and from underneath the fuel trucks.  The six employees used a truck and chain to remove one of the crop dusters from one of the fuel trucks. That particular crop duster was “spun” by the wind and lodged underneath the front of one of the fuel trucks.  It only took a few seconds to dislodge the crop duster, which appears to be a total loss, from the fuel truck.  This style of crop duster can be worth between $700,000 and $900,000 EACH.  The city owned fuel trucks, also considered to be completely destroyed are valued at much less.  Another “fly-in” event scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled as the airport was still without electricity as of late Tuesday afternoon.



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