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Texas State Champion Homemade Ice Cream Freeze Off Coming in June

The annual Texas State Champion Homemade Ice Cream Freeze Off, hosted by the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce, is coming up soon as a part of Dairy Festival. The competition is free to enter, and anyone who registers before June 8 can qualify for prizes. The groups which can receive cash prizes include Big Dip for people 13 and older, as well as Super Scoop for past winners of the Freeze Off.

“We do first, second, and third place for Big Dip, who get $75, $50, or $25 if they win,” Chamber President Meredith Caddell said. “And if they’ve won before, those in the Super Scoop category, then they get $100 for first, and $50 for second. You don’t have to pay anything to enter, and you can win money which is even better.”

The Freeze Off has always has a consistent pattern of entries throughout the years. However, each year has always had its wild cards that stand out among the rest.

“Strawberry always seems to be in the top one, two, or three,” Chamber President Caddell said. “We always have a lot of people that ask for peach, which there’s usually only one peach entry. There are always such good ones. Last year Carly Pinson made Fire & Ice that was just delicious. I also remember a key-lime pie, and then Mariella Hoybook and her sister used to come up with unique ice cream all the time. It’s always fun to see what flavors come in”

Author: Staff Reporter

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