Senate Finance Committee Meets But No Discussion of SB1158

Time seems to be running out on SB1158.  The Bill, authored by District 2 State Senator Bob Hall has been left pending in the Senate finance committee since April 21st, has had no further movement.  The Senate Finance Committee met yesterday on May 6th, but Hall’s bill was not on the agenda for discussion.  The Bill, recommended by Hopkins County Commissioners would allow local voters to choose whether or not to increase local sales tax to pay for the new jail being built.   Although seemingly a simple request, any additional sales tax approved would boost our local sales tax above the state maximum.  Also, allowing one county to add additional sales tax would “open the door” for other counties in Texas to request similar tax increases for various reasons.

No future meetings of the finance committee are currently scheduled, as the Texas Legislature works through their busy schedule up to the last day of the regular session, which is June 1st.  Other deadlines will be earlier for the Bill which needs to pass four more important stages before Governor Action.

Those next stages are:

Approval by Senate Committee (Finance)

Vote and Approval by Senate (which then would send to House Committee)

Approval by House Committee

Vote and Approval by House

KSST News will continue to follow the progress of SB1158.





Author: Chad Young

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