May 29 Declared Hopkins County Memorial Day

There was a Memorial Day program on Celebration Plaza Friday morning. Art Romanat, a retired Air Force Lt. Col was emcee. During the program, Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom delivered a proclamation reading which declared Friday, May 29, as Hopkins County Memorial Day.

“I want to welcome you to your town square where we are going to pay tribute to all our comrades in uniform from all the armed conflicts in our nation’s gallant history who have gone to their eternal rest,” Romanant said. “Today we honor their memory, the deeds and fruits of these fighting men, who purchased the very freedom for the generations of Americans that followed them.”

Before reading the proclamation, Judge Newsom briefly commented on the struggles on America before offering his thanks to those who have served.

“I am looking to the west as I speak this morning and I see that there is a storm coming,” Newsom said. “As to our nation, I realize that there has almost always been a storm coming. I recognize that those who went before us have gone through much more measures in loving this country than I have. I want to thank you for your service to our country, to our community, to our city, to your families, and I just say thank you. I stand with Hopkins County in saying thanks for all you have done.”

The ceremony ended with a volley of three from seven riflemen with the Hopkins County Military Coalition, as well as the playing of  Taps by the bugler with the local Marine Corps group.

Author: Staff Reporter

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