Lights of Life Annnounces Gala

gala3Gloria Mitchell, Donna Rudzik & Polly Swatsell, 2015-2016 Lights of Life Campaign Chairs, announced the campaign & gala theme, goal and projects that will be funded to the committee at the first campaign meeting, which was held on Tuesday, May 19th at noon in the Memorial Medical Plaza Conference room.

“It’s been an exciting and fast few months since we took over chairmanship of the campaign” stated Polly Swatsell. “We are excited to announce to the committee not only the theme for the  20th anniversary of the Lights of Life tree lighting and the 10th anniversary of the gala but also the goal and  the projects the Foundation board selected to be  funded this year”, continued Swatsell.  “We hope the committee will like the theme and get as excited about it as we are. We think it’s perfect for this anniversary year”, continued Swatsell.

“The Foundation board set the campaign goal at $250,000 again and I’m certain with Gloria, Donna and Polly’s “over achiever” mentality this will be another over-the-top and successful year.  Of course we couldn’t reach our goal without the generosity of this wonderful and supportive community,” said Jackie Thornton, Foundation Director.

On April 2, the Foundation board approved the projects that will be funded with the money raised through the campaign this year. With the continued generous support from the community we will be able to donate the entire amount requested that will be used to purchase;

  • Six LUCAS CPR devices for EMS which will provide the EMS Department the tools and abilities they need to improve survival rates during cardiac arrest.  The LUCAS CPR provides consistent and quality chest compressions without the need to stop compressions to perform other clinical procedures.
  • All additional funds will be added to the Foundation “Leaving a Legacy” Endowment Fund.

“Sponsor solicitation letters will go out June 1 but we’re already receiving calls and commitments, which mean the Gala will probably be SOLD OUT again.  It’s a wonderful problem to have, I think??  We sell out earlier every year and last year we were SOLD OUT by August 1st”, Thornton said.  “While sponsorship payments are not due until mid-December, we strongly encourage a quick response and commitment as soon as the sponsorship letter is received. The community has certainly embraced this campaign over the past years and together we have made a huge difference for our hospital and our community” continued Thornton.

 “We are truly thankful we live in such a giving and supportive community.  The three of us have been on the gala committee since the beginning, but mostly in the background doing the decorations.  We are amazed every year how the campaign grows due to the generosity of this community.   The donors obviously give from their heart. I think their continued support shows their appreciation for having a local hospital that takes care of our medical need”, said Donna Rudzik.  “It’s privilege for us to serve as chairs this year and we’re excited!”

“We think it will be a year filled with memories and celebrations.   We’ve come a long way since the campaign started in 1996.  I hope people will make their commitments early and plan to join us at the 10th Anniversary of the gala which will be on Saturday night, January 23, 2016, 6p.m. to 12 midnight at the Civic Center” stated Mitchell.

If you cannot attend the gala but still want to support your local hospital and support the campaign contributions may be made to the campaign with a donation to the Lights of Life Christmas tree lighting event that will be held December 3rd at 6p.m. in The Gardens at Memorial. A $25 donation given in “memory or honor” of someone special is represented by a light on the Lights of Life Christmas tree. This is the 20th anniversary of that event.

Additional opportunities to become involved and support the campaign are by participating, attending and/or donating to the Fly Your Flag Campaign and lunch, the “Sassy Classy” fall afternoon tea, the 2nd Half Marathon or the Style Show, hosted by Lou Nell’s.  All contributions help to make a difference for the community.

Thornton asks, “Please join us as we work together to make difference for the hospital and the community. Through your support of the 2015-2016 Lights of Life Campaign and Gala we will reach our $250,000 goal.”  Call the Health Care Foundation office at 903-439-4799 for more information.

Author: Staff Reporter

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