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Chicks for Charity

As a Hopkins County charity-funding organization, Chicks for Charity is unique. The organization structure is almost non-structure, yet each year, the group accomplishes a lot of good in and for the community. Membership is about 130 “chicks” currently. There are no elected officers, no board of directors, no bank account and no annual “fund-raisers”. The group meets four times per year to hear nominations and select a recipient, but even meeting attendance is not mandatory. A donates of $50 per quarter is required, with the check written to the selected charity. The most recent recipient, Shadow Ranch, received over $6,000 in individual checks from “the chicks”. If you think you would like to consider becoming a member of Chicks for Charity, you can attend the Second Quarter meeting on Thursday May 21 at 6:30pm at First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, or look up chicks-for-charityhopkinscounty on Facebook, or phone Mandy Kennedy at 903-243-2206.
Chicks for Charity-Hopkins County earned the Community Pride Award at the 2015 Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Displaying the award are members Sandra Baucom, Mandy Kennedy, Peggy Deitze, Jane Sargent and Penny West.  In 2014, donations totaled over $84,000 for local non-profits.
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