Brashear News 5-1-2015, by Debbie Young

After a weekend of storms, I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  A few days of sunshine and winds, may dry us up a bit.  Thankful for the rain.  Cooper Lake is full and several lakes in the area are near full too.  Thank you Lord.  This might mean the drought is over. I heard on the weather last night that last year at this time we had had 3.17 (approx. inches of rain); currently we are 14. (approximate) Wow what a difference.

I received a call from Brenda Dodd on Monday to let me know about their Annual Dodd Family Reunion. These family members are descendants of Thomas Allen Petty and his wife.  It was held at the Billboard Café in Cumby.  There were up to 50 people in attendance.  They have decided to make this an occurrence on the last Sunday of April of every year.  Brenda told me there were several door prizes won.  They had a lot of laughs and memories were shared.  Those of you who are Dodds sure missed out.  She would like to say thank you to Kim Petty Shores and Calvin Petty for serving as hosts.

Linda Almon called and wanted to invite all family, friends, and neighbors of Naoma George Potts to a 90th Birthday Celebration on Saturday May 2nd.  It will be held in the small Fellowship Hall of Brashear Baptist Church.  There will be sandwiches and snacks.  The time is 11:00 to 2:00 pm.

The owners, Kris and Lisa Childress, wanted me to get the news out about Brashear Store.  It is OPEN.  So exciting.  The new update is great.  They put in more lights, some more shelves, and basically reworked the inside.  They are carrying some cleansers, some over the counter medicines, and some of the regular stuff.  Save us all a trip to town when we need some of these things.  They hope to be able to have gas in two weeks.  You can find them on FaceBook.  They resurfaced the parking lot.  Lisa wanted me to let everyone know the grill is open all day.  If you have FB, you may find the special for the day.  The upcoming menu sounds awesome: pulled pork sandwiches, Cuban sandwiches, and beans and cornbread.  Please remember their phone number is 903.612.4124.  Hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

There will be a Grand Opening soon with the Chamber of Commerce present.  Good luck with this endeavor Kris and Lisa.

Send prayers for Pat George who has been in the hospital.  Hoping you are home resting well real soon.

The sun has been simply wonderful this week.  I have heard a lot of lawn mowers going fast and furious this week.  Everyone is trying to catch up on the grass.  The rain has grass growing very fast.

Garden growing?  We ours is.  We are eating onions, new potatoes, spinach, kale, and lettuce.  Love all of these fresh vegetables.

Tom put some new books in the Brashear Library.  While at the store, make sure you check it out.  We appreciate all of the new books that have been added.

Thank you to the newspaper and radio for publishing my little bit of Brashear News.


Please continue to contact me if you have something you want to share.  Call me at 903.612.8806; email me at
[email protected]; or just drop by CR 1119 where all the barns are located.  We love to have visitors.

Author: Staff Reporter

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